The Elixir- Editorial Review #4

JB Michaels’ urban fantasy novel is the second book in the Bud Hutchins thriller series. While this fast-paced and thrilling story can be read on its own, I’d strongly recommend that readers begin with the first book in the series, The Order of St. Michael. Michaels builds the character of his hero as well as his mechanical sidekick, Bert, in that first book, and the plot revolves around the genesis of his friendship with Maeve. I had a marvelous time reading The Elixir. Michaels’ action-packed scenes are fabulous, and there’s plenty of humor in this story that doesn’t always take itself quite so seriously — and that’s a good thing. I especially enjoyed seeing how Bud teams up with professional student and current archaeologist, Ivy Zheng, to solve the mystery behind the Elixir and the murder of Ivy’s friend. Michaels’ homages to Victorian horror were a real treat to discover as well. The Elixir: A Bud Hutchins Urban Fantasy is most highly recommended.

-Review by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


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