The Elixir Editiorial Review #3

A poltergeist takes the form of notorious Chicago legends such as Al Capone and Resurrection Mary as Bud Hutchins races against the forces of evil to stop a murderer and try to save his rapidly decaying undead friend, Maeve, in The Elixir by JB Michaels. In this action-packed urban fantasy, a brilliant young private investigator raises money to supply the electronics he needs for teleportation devices, Maeve’s treatment, and his robotic friend, Bert.

When a beautiful young research assistant is murdered, Bud has to switch gears and prove the innocence of the wife who had hired him to prove her husband was having an affair with the victim. Ivy, the victim’s best friend, wants to solve the murder and joins with Bud, only to have the experience of a lifetime as they flee for their lives from a rampaging spirit intent on killing them. Escapades throughout Chicago keep Bud, Father Martinez of the Order of St. Michael, and the police busy as evil creates havoc. Bud and Ivy’s eventual escape takes them right to the lair of the murderer – will luck be on their side or have things gotten too far out of control?

JB Michaels has created another captivating, exciting urban fantasy in The Elixir. Imaginative and fast-paced, this is a story you just can’t put down as you sit on the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next. Michaels uses advanced technology, good old-fashioned investigative techniques, and plenty of faith to guide Bud through this adventure that keeps you riveted to the pages as he tries to save his friend, the city, and his own soul. Great story! – Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite


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