Smoky Mountain Way

The Great Smoky Mountains. The majesty, the glory, the mysticism of nature all combine here to form what we all yearn for and need, a peaceful respite from the daily doldrums of our fast paced American lives. America is truly beautiful. There are so many gems. So many wonders to behold. The most important legislation of American conservation led by Theodore Roosevelt creating the National Park Service, guarantees that the Smoky Mountains will be preserved for further generations to behold. It is the hope that future generations will come to appreciate these wondrous mountains not for their mere scenic beauty but for that revelation that man, though mighty we be, cannot dictate, cannot manipulate, cannot even begin to wield the power that nature holds.

These old wonderful mountains with their misty clefts and cloudy valleys remind man that we must always be humble before nature. The trees stand tall, the bears build families, and deer play, all by the symbiotic, Smoky Mountain Way. This way brings us closer to that which bind us to our natural state. We too breathe oxygen the trees that paint the Smokies provide. We too hear and enjoy the bird’s song. We too take care of our children as the mama bear cares for her cubs. We too can live the Smoky Mountain way if we just let ourselves breathe, listen, and care for nature’s wonders.


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