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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this story because it was different. There are a lot of Christmas stories out there for young readers, but this wasn’t like any that I had run across before. The ideas are very creative and interesting and the characters are the kind that will be able to go on for future books easily.

I did find a few editing mistakes, but nothing major. Some of the sentence structure was a bit awkward in places, but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story. My only real criticism, would be that I felt this book could use a dash more humour for the younger kids. There are a few funny places, but a lot of the book is descriptions of actions and the main character thinking out loud about those actions.

The imagination of the author really does come to life in this book, and I would encourage parents to give this a read with their kids. It has a few really strong messages in it that make it worth the time to enjoy. This could easily become a film for the holidays.

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