Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Marvel has done it again! Guardians of the Galaxy is magnificent weirdness. James Gunn, who directed Slither (B-movie romp with some of the most disgusting visuals ever) brandishes his unique spirit of zaniness for the world to savor. A great script by Nicole Perlman makes for a smooth start and a rocky and thrilling finish.

The first character introduced is Star Lord, played brilliantly by Chris Pratt, who is indeed a human that lives a life in space far, far away from our planet. Star Lord rocks his Sony Walkman from the 1980s, and begins a search for the macguffin of the story. A metal orb of mystery! Yes we don’t really find out what it is until later in the story. The macguffin really is just the anchor to drive the action forward but also to have a literary reason for the Guardians to meet. After all, the move is named Guardians of the Galaxy after all! I just said that! Whoops.

Anyway, after Star Lord we meet Gamora then Rocket and Groot, and then Drax the destroyer! That very last sentence gives one the indication that this is not a ultra-realistic space drama like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, this is squarely aimed at being unique and just plain fun. The sheer thrills are not the only reason to see this movie. It also maintains a healthy dose of emotion and heart throughout. These characters were not friends at the beginning of the film but due to their past misfortunes, the universe brings them together.

Friendship and love are at the center of this film. You will laugh, you will love the crazy visuals, be invested in the plot, but this film earns merit through the characters. Go to the movies this weekend and see Guardians of the Galaxy. Imax 3d preferably, should you want to pony up the cash, it is definitely worth it.



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