Defendable Expendables




So I saw Expendables 3 and it was one of the best times I had at the theater all summer. Believe you me there was a lot to choose from this summer with a successful reboot of Godzilla to an awesome original romp in the Guardians of the Galaxy, this summer has been great for selling popcorn at the local movie theater. Now Expendables 3, sadly, did not do well at the box office its first weekend and the critics panned it. They really panned it. But what might I ask are they looking for in a movie called The Expendables 3? Do critics use the same criteria they use during the fall and winter when all the Best Picture marketing reaches them from the studio? Are they using the same rubric that critics use when watching Citizen Kane in college film class? That is truly not the best way to approach an Expendables movie. Stallone just wants us to enjoy the film. Turn the brain off and just get sucked into the absurdity that a film like this actually exists. Harrison Ford is swearing in Stallone’s face. Arnold is hugging Jet Li. Jason Statham is flashing knife skills with Wesley Snipes. The great interaction of star power is what brought me to the movie that and the amazing action scenes. Action scenes with real people making the action possible. Not a computer generated image but real people! This is what draws me to the Expendables!

The adrenaline pumping music and the insane visuals earned my business and yes, I did grow up watching these guys. I did grow up and play as Rambo and Terminator in the same play session. I played guns on my city block with all my friends pretending to take down warlords or just a general, undefined bad guys. I played with my plastic gun and always had to make the damn noise of the gun. A flittering tongue and pursed lips made the action come alive. The sound, the experience, the just plain fun of it all. Expendables 3 is being a kid but just blown up on the big screen. It is violent but so over the top that it doesn’t disturb anyone. It is just bonkers.

So when critics pan it and people whine about the plot holes they just missed the point. There are so many humorous moments and frenetic action that I couldn’t help but laugh and cheer for the good guys. The good guys being Rambo, Desperado, Terminator, and Indiana Jones! What is not to love? Honestly, people you know what you are getting into when you go see a movie called The Expendables 3. A ridiculous amount of awesome action and fun for all. Get over the fact that it isn’t an overly dark, dramatic foray into the depths of what makes us human. Just get over it and have some fun!


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