JB Michaels offers Plot Editing Services

I find that many people struggle with completing the first draft and feeling confident enough to move forward with their work. I can help you move forward!


“Clarity is a gift for many and an author essential. JB reviewed a book published earlier in my career. I know the message is powerful because readers tell me it changed their life, but I believed more was possible. He identified action items to make the book more readable, engaging, and reach a wider audience. His notes and suggestions are specific, applicable, and actionable. JB delivered clarity for this and future projects – with compassion.”

Lynn Baber, best-selling author of Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace

I have found the results of JB Michaels ministerings spot on. I hate saying this as this is going to need a lot of work on my part. All the suggested points and omissions on my part are hard to take but necessary, as I agree with JB on all points. Thank you for your honesty and the clear thinking put into this plot doctor work which will stand me in good stead. Once again, thank you. I would like to put you, JB, forward as the man to see if you want your book to sing.

-John J McCarrick, author and director of the Wizard of Tut-Tut-Bun collection.

“I submitted one of my novellas to JB for plot editing. He got back to me on time with detailed feedback.  The feedback was thorough. He asked questions and engaged in conversation helping me understand what he had written and why. Best of all, he did not change my voice. The book is still mine. I look forward to working with him in future.”

Pranav Lal, author of Telekinesis

“I wanted to write a testimonial for Mr. J.B Michaels for his excellent developmental editing and plot analysis of my short story that I recently submitted to him.  J.B gave me a chapter by chapter analysis of how my short story could be more effectively written.  He provided thoughtful instructional notes and suggestions that were aimed to give my short story and manuscript a better presentation for the reader. His feedback was invaluable to me, because it is so difficult to have your own work reviewed objectively with family and friends. J.B emphasized in the critique of my story that the reader must be grounded in a solid narrator and Point of View (POV). His suggestion for me was to stick with my main character alone throughout my story in a third-person-limited narration, which was a very helpful suggestion.  J.B even gave me a direct consultation to review his concepts by way of phone, which I thought was very valuable and additionally useful for my understanding. He is very encouraging and positive. His analysis opened my line of thinking about my manuscript. I discovered that rather it being just one children’s book, that it had the potential to be a children’s book series, because of the richness of its contents. J.B is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him to all aspiring authors who want effective and useful feedback to enhance their manuscripts.”

Stuart Weinstock, author of Hector’s Journey

Over a decade of Teaching and Critique Experience

I have taught high school social science for 12 years. I have critiqued and graded many, many essays and works over the years that covered both academic and creative writing prompts. I have been part of a critique group for 10 years.

Writing Professional and Member of SCBWI-IL

I have over ten years of experience as a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators. I have presented at public libraries and literary festivals ex.) ChiTeen LitFest in Chicago.

Bestselling Author with Critically-Acclaimed Works

My work has earned a Kirkus Recommended Review, a National Indie Excellence Finalist Award, 7 Five Star Readers’ Favorite Badges, a spot on’s Top 27 Best New Holiday Books for Kids, and over 50 positive reviews on Amazon!

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