The Action Thriller Collection is out now and I could not be more excited! This is literally a collection of all my work so far. As you know, I like to write action adventure stories and I really feel like that these books deliver on that promise. Since two out of the three books in the books have a holiday/Christmas setting, I had to figure out a way for people to discover the Tannenbaum Tailors throughout the year. What is the main through-line of the Tailors series? The ACTION THRILLER DNA. The incredible battles between the Spiritless and the Tailors. The gadgets they use and magic that surrounds them. The suspense and immersion of these stories deserve to be read throughout the whole year and perhaps, again and again, during the holiday season.

Then, of course, there is the other series in the Action Thriller Collection: The Order of St. Michael-A Bud Hutchins Thriller! I was encouraged by a friend to write something different than the Tailors, hence, Bud Hutchins was born. Readers either love or hate Bud’s character. He is quirky, ingenious, and speaks with a fake British accent. Alas, Bud’s story has its own heavy dose of mystery, action, monsters, paranormal activity, and a capable action heroine, Maeve. I wanted this series to feel completely different from the Tailors and I feel I accomplished my mission.

Lastly, I just hope that you enjoy the collection. There is so much fun to be had! Good things are happening for the books in the Action Thriller Collection. Kirkus Reviews just gave The Brethren of the Saints a recommended review and Readers’ Favorite has awarded the collection 7 Five Star Badges! Imagination is the most powerful tool to accomplish your dreams. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much I had fun writing it!


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