ACDC New Album



The year was 2008! So long ago. So very long ago and the last time that AC/DC announced and released an album! Too long! A whole six years! That is a long time for a super fan to take, granted we did have “Live at River Plate” which is a great live album as are all of their live albums. Now we have ‘Rock or Bust’ with the new song ‘Play Ball’ in a promo for the MLB playoffs on TBS. The song is awesome and from what I can hear it follows the power riff, vocal-ripping, sound of all their debut singles from new albums. On December 2nd we will get to hear the whole album and I couldn’t be more excited! I wonder if teenagers even know what an album is anymore. A collection of songs from a band usually recorded within the same time period. A body of work meant to be listened to for more than just 3 minutes!

‘Rock or Bust’ will have 11 tracks and I am sure there will be a title track as well. So we know two song names now. I am sure over the next couple months we will see the cover art and the rest of the track listing. I am sure there will be dates given to the 40th anniversary tour, which won’t feature Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and songwriter. Nor is Malcolm featured on the album. According to the Sydney Herald, Malcolm is living in a facility with staff specializing in memory care. Malcolm, reportedly, has dementia. So absolutely tragic. He is only in his 60s. Since we really don’t know much about the human brain as opposed to say the heart, it is hard to pinpoint an exact reason why the genius behind ‘Back in Black’ and Thunderstruck’ has contracted this terrible disease. I am sure there is a combination of reasons. It doesn’t help him now. As someone with personal experience with the disease one can only hope that Malcolm lives the rest of his life comfortably surrounded by caring, loving people.

The band will go on. Rock and Roll will never die. Malcolm given the fact that along with his brother Angus, chose to keep the band going after Bon Scott passed away, would feel that the band should go on. Keep rocking and rolling. You can’t stop rock and roll. So when you buy the new album and procure a ticket to one of the greatest rock shows you will ever see, remember, honor, and keep Malcolm in your heart. It is his genius you are pumping your fists to.


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